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NF (5368) - All levels remain same : 
Now already posted Resist remain same at  5390 (In last two trading session it was unable to break 5390,  Just Reminder ) Downside support remain same at 5280-5250
and  above the resistance,  next  in upside 5414-5424 & 5460-5480   In case trade and stays above 5460-5480, then  upside target 5688-5710

Jubilant Organosys

JUBLIANT (214) -  Strong hurdle 228-238 
But trade and stays above that short term upside target 300-306

Jyothy Laboratories - POSITIONAL

JOTHYLAB (171) -  Break out 156-161
Two consecutive close above that ultimate upside target 255-260
In between resist at  201-206

Shalimar Paints

SHALPAINTS (679.80) - Posted on 29th May 2012 But yesterday only it broken the mentioned resistance so now the mentioned upside target intact.
Apart from the mentioned upside target of 926
now in between resist exists at 790-800

Tata Motors

TATAMOTORS (249) - Posted on 07th Sep . above 234-236 upside target 250-255 , as posted up to yesterday it made high 249.85
now what next ? 
Target and Resistance remain same at 250-255
But in case trade and stays above that then ready for next up move
first  267-270 and then above that ready to touch 300

Titan Industries

TITAN (235) - Last Resistance 238-241 
But trade and stays above that upside target 263-266
In case trade and stays above 263-266 then ready for next big up move

United Breweries

UBL (596) - As posted on 29th Aug. It repeatedly Hurdled at 645-665 (intra day high 670.65 on 03rd Sep)  but yesterday , in intra day it broken the down side support of 615-595 even though it closed with in the support level.
what next ? 
Now if trade below the mentioned support (615-595) then it become resistance
 and below that down side target 555-540

Venus Remedies

VENUSREM (297) - Above 295 face resist at 308-312
And Above that upside target 331-341
But trade and stays above that  then ready for big up move