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Aurobindo Pharma - Target Attacked - Evening Special Update...

AUROPHARMA (471) - Posted on 11th Nov.2013, when it was traded at 260 , "Top out 275-285 But above that Positional Upside Target 470-480". As posted, Break out happened on the last week of  Nov.2013 and today mentioned upside target of 470-480 ATTACKED (today it made high 477.75).CLICK HERE TO SEE THAT POST.
Actually, the above was a continuation post, dated 30th Sept.2013. Original break out happened at 210 in Oct.2013 itself and today it completed the Ultimate Upside Target.
So it moved up from 210 to 477,that means 127% return, that to, with in 4 months.
This kind of big opportunity, particularly in F&O Stocks, (big up move in a very short span of time)comes once in a while. 
It happened in this stock, 
Not only, I identified it, but posted here also in simple Language.
Now i want the feedback from the readers/traders of this website.
 How many of you capitalized this big up move, based on this post ?
Please send your feed back mail to :
Now what next ? 
As …

Reliance Industries

RELIANCE (844) - Already three times took support at this level and now once again 
so support 840-830
But trade and stays below that next down side target  770-760
in between support 818-808

Tata Communications

TATACOM (275) - Posted on 17th Jan "support of 300-295, But trade and stays below that it becomes resistance  and for this once again next down side support exists at 275--265"
day before yesterday it traded below 295 and yesterday it attacked the down side target of 275-265 (made low 271.30) 
so now support 275-265

United Phosphorus

UPL (184) - Posted on 24th Dec.upside target 219, whereas it went up to 217.70 on 17th Jan.,(target shortfall less than Rs.2/-)but  from there fall started and up to yesterday it made low 182.60
now what next ? 
Now support 180-175 and if hold once again upside target remain same.
But trade and stays below that next down side target 155-150



ICICIBANK  (1010) - Last hope and support 1000-980
But trade and stays below that next down side target  800-780
in between support 967-957  &  858-848

Hindustan Unilever

HINDUNILVR (575) - Posted on 15th Jan "pull back upside target 575-585" as posted yesterday, exactly pull back target attacked (made high 585).

now what is in? 
As said , 575-585 resistance only 
But in case trade and stays above that next upside target 610-620

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

GLENMARK (536) - Face Last resistance at 552-562
But above that next upside target  602-612

Eros International Media

EROSMEDIA (152) - 
so now resistance 155-160
if it hold below that down side target 125-120


DLF (140) - Last hope and support 139-135
But below that next down side target 122-118
But below that mega break down going to happen.
Will post the down target, if it happen.

Dewan Housing Finance Corporation




Bharat Forge

BHARATFORG (326) - Posted on 23rd Dec. and said upside target 348-352 as posted, exactly  it attacked the mentioned upside target (made high 352 on 17th Jan) and from there corrected also and up to yesterday it made low 320.
now what next ?
support 325-320
But trade and stays below that next down side target 285-280
in between support at 302-297

Bank of India

BANKINDIA (210) - Posted on 30th Dec. "Face Resistance 240-245" after this post several days it repeatedly resisted at the mentioned level and yesterday it came down to 209.
Now what next ?
Last hope and support 205-200
But below that ultimate down side target 160-155
in between support exists at 193-189

Bank of Baroda


Ajanta Pharma


Adani Enterprises

ADANIENT (237) -  Below 241-238 next support 232-230
But below that down side target 201-198

Punjab National Bank

PNB (582) - trade and stays below 578-588, weak only 
for this down side target 558-554
and  below that fall continue to 518-512

Ranbaxy Laboratories

RANBAXY (336) - Now support at 320-310
But below that Ultimate down side target  162-152
in between support exists at  255-245

Reliance Capital

RELCAPITAL (340) - Below 336 break down 
for this, down side target  302--282

State Bank of India

SBIN (1621) - Last hope and support 1600-1570
But trade and stays below that first down side target 1460-1440
next in down side 1230-1200
and afterwards Ultimate  down side target 1000-980
P.N.: Respect all given levels. 


SIEMENS (578) - Posted on 10th Jan " Below 620 weak only,down side target  550-545,in between support 566"
After this post, it made high 614+ two to three days and last Friday it made low 575
so now mentioned down side targets are due..

Tata Steel

TATASTEEL (376) - See post dated 06th Jan , as posted already it took support at 378-374 level and pull backed from there and now once again come down to the mentioned support level.
now what next ?
 support 372-368
but trade and stays below then 368--378 become resistance 
for this down side target 346-341

Review of Foreign Direct Investments in India

India is likely to be one of fastest-growing economies by 2020, but despite an appealing consumer base and technology sector, attracting foreign direct investment is not going to be easy.
According to Ernst & Young’s recent report on India, Investors are already very interested. It’s one of the world’s top five destinations for foreign direct investment, but experts say the country needs to enhance its business environment to really fulfill its potential. 

India is the fourth-largest target for foreign direct investment. A growing population, educated workforce and low labor costs are helpful, but a lack of infrastructure, corporate taxation and administrative difficulties make things tricky. “The long-term outlook for India is positive, with investors expecting the country to be among the world’s top three growth economies by 2020,” reads the report’s introduction.  
More than nine percent of jobs created by FDI in 2012 were in India. In 2012, India saw $565 billion worth of FDI in…

Nucleus Software Exports

NUCLEUS (179) -  Make or Break level 170--180
If hold above that ready for mega break out 
First target 199-209
and the Ultimate Upside Target 300-310

Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries

SUNPHARMA (609) - Posted on 22nd Jan "Support 573-565" whereas on the posted date, it made low 576+ and from their, with in two days, it moved up to 612.
Now what next ? 
resistance 615-625
above that next resist at 650-660
above that next upside target 720---750

Tata Sponge Iron

TATASPONGE (405) - This month already it moved up more than 30 % 
So Hurdle 406-426
But Two consecutive Positive Close above that ready for next big up move 
for this Positional Upside Target 600-620

Down side support exists at 365--345

Century Textiles & Industries

CENTURYTEX  (325) - Support 320-315  & 300-295
above that upside target 345-350  & 370-380

Lovable Lingerie

LOVABLE (327) - Now Target and Resistance 345--355
But trade and stays above that next upside target 425-435
in between resist at 380-390

Mahindra & Mahindra

M&M (903) - Resistance 915-930
Below that last hope 890-880
But below that down side target 810-800

Radico Khaitan

RADICO (152) - Resistance 155--165
But trade and stays above that Ultimate Upside Target 215-225
in between resist at 185-195

Sesa Sterlite

SSLT (209) - See post dated 26th Sep. 2013, after this post, yesterday only it broken the mentioned hurdle of 200-210 (made high 213.30) so now it give signal for mega up move. 
Now require two positive close above 210
if it happen, then this round Ultimate Upside Target 290-300
in between resist at 247-250  & 273-276

Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries


Zensar Technologies

ZENSARTECH (410) - Face resistance 425--435
But above that upside target 475-485


ITC (330) - Above 330-327 upside target 348-351

IndusInd Bank

INDUSINDBK (433) - Resistance 431-436
But trade and stays above that upside target 467-473
in between resist at 452

Aurobindo Pharma

AUROPHARMA (385) - Immediate support exists at  373-368
But trade and stays below that down side target 333-326

Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services

M&MFIN (279) - Already it fell down from 356 to 273 and in the last week it consolidating between 273-278 level. 
so now support 273-278 if it hold then go up to 290-295
but below the support next in down  side 260-255


BIOCON (441) -  Below 448-453 weak 
if it hold below that down side target  410-405

Power Finance Corporation

PFC (145) - Support 146-144 and  last hope exists at 138-136
but below that next down side target 122-120

Reliance Infrastructure


Tata Consultancy Services

TCS (2213) - Below 2255-2285 weak
so stays below that  downside target and support 2140-2120

Tech Mahindra

TECHM (1775) - Now resistance 1785-1815
below that down side target 1666
in between support at  1730-1710