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Axis Bank

AXISBANK (1234) - Support 1220-1200 But below that down side target 1115-1090

Bharat Petroleum Corporation

BPCL (323) - Double bottom  322-320 But below that down side target   270----250 in between support   308-303

Rural Electrification Corporation

RECLTD (203) - As posted on 17th Dec it took support at 200+ and went up to the mentioned upside target of  220+  and now once again coming to 203.  now what next ?  support remain same at 205-200 but trade and stays  below that next down side target  182-178


ICICIBANK (1050) -- yesterday bottom formed at 1024  so now support 1025-1010 if hold above that then the upside target 1115-1135

Havells India

HAVELLS (833) - Posted on 02nd Dec. " Support 740-760 If it trade above then the upside  target  817-837 if it hold above the  mentioned  upside target  then it is ready for 4  digit   figure  , Will post the target, when it  happen  " and yesterday it attacked  the mentioned upside target of 817-837  (yesterday it made high 845) It is time to post next upside target  now if it hold above 817-837 then next upside target 998---1048 with in between resist at 878-888 & 920-930