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This Week This Much

NF (5385) - Now the range 5345__5440

BF Utilities

BFUTILITIE (807) - Time being, up move may halt 850-860. But above that, very shortly going to trade in four digit figure.


ESCORTS (207) - If stays above 209, next attack 225-227.


MPHASIS (607) - On july 5, posted here, trade above 616 , first target 640. whereas it went upto 645 from there it corrected to 602. now what next ? If not take support 598, then fall continue to 585 and after that 571.

Sesa Goa

SESAGOA (340) - As per previous post, above 364 expected strong upmove whereas it went upto 363 from there it is falling down. Now what ? Below 345 next good support at 335-332 level. But in case if it trade and stays below 332, free fall starts and come down to 312__302 and if not take support there, expect 280 also.

Technofab Engineering

One more, once in life time :
TECHNOFAB - Today Listing (Issue price 240). Expect Firework in Upside. It is going to be high reward positional trade, of course along with high risk. This is the second stock posted here, even before IPO listing , the first one was ARSSINFRA . No need to write its performance (from 630 to 1395 in less than two months)