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TVS Motor Company - POSITIONAL

TVSMOTOR (96) - Now it is in Make or Break level.
If it is break out then expect big upside from here. 
Breakout 93-87 
If hold above that Ultimate Upside Target  178-183
with in between  resist exists at 103-106 ,  118-122  and  144-148

so the sum is 
87-93 >> 103-106 >> 118-122 >> 144-148 >> 178-183

Balkrishna Industries

BALKRISIND (452) - Posted on 06th Nov. "Support  308-300, and trade and stays above 318-322, Ultimate upside target 417-437"

After this post , break out happened on 26th Dec. , when it closed above 322  and afterwards it made correction and took support at the mentioned support level of 308-300 on 30th Jan.2014 ( on that date it made low 294.50 but closed at 304.70, that is closed at the mentioned support level only ) and on 11th March it attacked the mentioned  upside target 417-437 and even it went up to 465 on 12th March. After a minor correction up to 415 on 14th March. and now once again moving up and closed above the mentioned upside target of 417-437.


Now what next ? 
Hurdle 456-466
But trade and stays above that   then next upside target 564-574
in between resist at 515-520