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Tata Steel

TATASTEEL  (512) - On 25th July posted and said resistance 579-589 , after this post it repeatedly resisted at 570-574 level and again posted on 11th Aug. and said below 546-540 down side target 512-506.  As posted , yesterday it attacked the mentioned downside target of 512-506  (yesterday it made low 509.75)  Now what next ?  and in case trade below 512-506  then last hope and support 492-482 But below that ULTIMATE DOWN SIDE TARGET  410--390

Mahindra & Mahindra

M&M  (1410) - Below is the tweet embed dated 11th Aug. Mahindra & Mahindra / now in case hold above 1250 and trade above 1320 next upside target 1420-1440 — MURUGAVEL (@murugavell) August 11, 2014 As tweeted, yesterday it attacked the metioned upside target of 1420-1440  (yesterday it made high 1433.70)

Kotak Mahindra Bank

KOTAKBANK  (1044) - Posted on 06th Dec. 2013 as "  target and    Hurdle 803-817 But in case trade and stays above the mentioned Hurdle then ready for big up move  if it happen, will post the upper target " After this post, it broken the hurdle on 23rd April 2014 but, missed out to post the Upside Target at that time. Any way ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 1320-1350 hereafter any correction it may take support at 930-890

Jindal Steel & Power

JINDALSTEL (253) - Last  hope and support 231-221 trade and stays below that  ready for big down move. ULTIMATE DOWN SIDE TARGET 114-109 with in between support at 185-180  &  165-155