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NF (5974) - Now a days NF  movements are narrowed down and daily spread is very low and volume also drying.. so there is no meaning to concentrate on day to day basis. that is why not  updating  on daily. In future if it any improvement then, can update.
Support 5965-5935
above that upside target 6050-6080
But below the support 5865-5835

La Opala RG

LAOPALA (300) - Above 302  upside continue to 321-331 
and above that ultimate 372-382

Jaiprakash Power Ventures

JPPOWER (33.85) - Classical H&S
Strong Support 32.80
But trade and close below that down side target 24.70
and afterwards  18.60

HCL Technologies

HCLTECH (671) -  Hope and support 665-660
But in case trade and stays below that down side target 636-624

Dena Bank

DENABANK (106) - Yesterday bottomed out at 102 
so now support 102-100
above that upside target 114-116

Century Textiles & Industries

CENTURYTEX (382)-  Yesterday time being bottomed out at  375
so now above that upside target 404  and above that 424-426
But in case trade and stays below 375 next in down side 356-351