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National Aluminium Company

NATIONALUM  (31) -  Now at 31 , in case if it comes 26+ can buy and if it comes 16+ can buy more and if it comes 6+ can also buy more and more. ,If you have the capacity to hold some years , say 3---6---9 years. you may be happiest person at that time.  If all the mentioned levels come and act accordingly, reward will comes  after some years  , in case if the fall stopped at the first level or second level , still the reward going to be there after some years.  *** Note : The levels are available in the post itself

Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries

SUNPHARMA  (927) - Posted on 05th June and in a very simple term that is " Hope and Support 815--785" After this post,  First time, it made low 807.25 (between 09th June to 15th June , repeatedly took support and   trading between 815-807 ) , from there it made high 957 on 17th July  and  Second time on 21st July ,After Q1 results, it crashed by more than 15% but once again took support at the mentioned level of 815-785 only , this time made low 795.25 on 21st July, from there, as on yesterday once again made high 930 Now the upside target 1000--1030 *** Note : Respect all given levels. (all levels means all levels)

Sunil Hitech Engineers

SUNILHITEC  (314) - Posted on 27th July, when it was trading at 322,  as ,  " Above 280--260  (missed out , posting at that rate) marching towards 400-420 &  490-510 but above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 780--800" After this post, so for made high 352 (05th Aug.) and corrected up to 279 on 13th Aug. (please note it , correction was only up to our support level of 280-260 so it came down and took support at the mentioned support level. Yesterday it closed up by 9% after made high 324. Now  our mentioned target of  400-420 &  490-510 but above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 780--800  are remain same and intact. *** Note : Repeated Request is Respect all given levels  ( ALL LEVELS MEANS ALL LEVELS)

Strides Arcolab

STAR  (1346) - Posted on 06th April  as " mentioned target and resist of 1225 remain same  But trade above that  Next upside target  1370-1390 and afterwards, ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 1890-1900" As on yesterday it made high 1361 so mentioned target  of 1370-1390 remain same   and above that face resist at 1475-1505 and afterwards  mentioned UUT of 1890-1900 also remain same.

Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company

SPARC (432) - Posted on 20th July as " Resistance 438-448 But trade and stays above that  next upside target 525-535" After this post, on the posted date it made high 445.40 ,from there, it corrected up to 392 on 13th Aug. and yesterday it moved up and once again made high 442.40. So mentioned resist of 438-448 remain same But above that  Already mentioned target of 525-535 also remain same. now down side support exists at 420-410