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SAREGAMA (414.60) -  

Regarding this stock, One email was sent on 28th March 2016
Below is the content

apart from the above email,  today only sent  the follow-up email   below is the content

----------------------------------------------------- Note:  some levels are purposely erased here. 


3 Years Monthly chart 


STRTECH (as of now  @ 240) - 
Sent email to our members on 24th Jan 2017  when it was @ 111
now at 240
That means more than doubled  in less than  6 months. 
still, long way to go to reach  our mentioned ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 
But now, entry edge also far away from the current price. 

always EDGE is an important  factor to us.

below  is the email content


Below is the stock  price behaviour  since  Jan 2017


BIRLAMONEY (135.75) 
Tension-free move.
Is it called free hit? 

First mail on 03rd July,  as well as today's follow-up email. 

Both email in the single screen

and price move in this month

Consolidation ! ?


NIFTY vs its Components

NIFTY -   Recent lowest low 6826 on Feb 2016 Now high 9913

45% absolute gain since Feb 2016

Out of 50 components of NIFTY50,  who are all gained more than that  during this period?

STOCK                                                         % GAINVEDL271.53%HINDALCO199.56%MARUTI133.50%YESBANK127.08%TATASTEEL124.17%IOC102.96%IBULHSGFIN95.17%ADANIPORTS90.95%INDUSINDBK89.70%SBIN83.69%BPCL79.71%HDFCBANK72.86%ICICIBANK72.63%ITC71.06%GAIL70.56%POWERGRID65.47%LT63.27%RELIANCE58.67%HDFC55.40%KOTAKBANK55.01%ULTRACEMCO52.53%TATAMOTORS50.58%HEROMOTOCO50.33%EICHERMOT47.65%ACC47.01%BOSCHLTD45.57%TATAPOWER44.76%


Q & A

Today received an email with a question from one of my member regarding SUPREMEINF and my answer mail to him. 
(He himself a very good technical analyst but till now I am unable to understand "what attracts him to join with me as a paid member and renewed his membership once again") 

Question: Sir Has This Stock Bottomed Out? Good Volume Action In This Week. Looks A Good Buy Abv 97.

Answer: After made high 446 in June 2014, next 2 years it was in a downtrend to fall up to 85%   and now last one and half years doing consolidation/ congestion after making a bottom of 65.

it is in consolidation mode, don't know how many more months it will do like this.
price and volume say, now accumulation is going on in the last 1 year.
as such,
 support between 80--70  and  resistance between 110--120 

so strength above 125 and weakness below 65 
trade above 125-130 next 180--190
trade below 65-60 next 40--35 or even 23--18.

Being associated with me, Whether you wil…

Love the Volatility

From its source on the Tibetan Plateau, the Yangtze River winds its way 3,900 miles through China and terminates near the mega-city of Shanghai. The Yangtze is one of the world’s longest, most powerful rivers. For more than 2,000 years, it has played a key role in Chinese history as a source of drinking water, a crop irrigator, and as a transportation network. Although the Yangtze has supported lives, it has ended many others. In 1931, torrential rains caused the Yangtze to flood its banks, which wiped out crops and lead to the deaths of an estimated 3.7 million people, making it one of the deadliest natural disasters in history. In 1954, another round of flooding resulted in the deaths of more than 30,000 people. In the early 1990s, the Chinese decided to harness the Yangtze with a huge dam. At over 1 mile long and almost 600 feet tall, the Three Gorges Dam is the largest hydroelectric dam on earth. It cost more than $30 billion to build and produces awesome amounts of electric powe…


VENKEYS -  Identified and delivered to our people when it was at 475 on 04th July 2016
said in that mail  "SUPPORT 410 & TARGET 1180"

after the mail,   NOV. 2016 LOWEST LOW 397 and   APR 2017 HIGHEST HIGH 1375
So target met within 5 months.

Below chart up to 07th April 2017,  which was also emailed with our marking


But missed the last two months fast & furious rally 

Oh My God, yesterday it almost doubled from our exited point of 1180 
now at 2299
 It gives a lesson to me "Never satisfy"

Okay, Let us try in another opportunity, whenever it comes