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kwality limited

KWALITY (113.60) - Posted on 24th Dec.2015, click here to see the full details regarding that  post   After the above post it came down to 78.50 on 17th Feb. and now trading at 113+ *** Today MINT posted an article regarding KWALITY. (but the write-up was not confirmed neither KWALITY nor KKR) click the below link to get the details. KKR India set to invest Rs600 crore in Kwality The KKR funds will help Kwality strengthen its brand and expand its more profitable retail business *** The sum is : the news and views are come and go but the the designed/defined levels are, most of the times, working well that to well in advance.  

Transport Corporation of India

TCI (302) - Posted on 03rd July 2014 , when it was trading at 217,  said as " Support 210-200 Strong Support 185--165 ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 335--355" *** The above post was posted two years before.  Is any thing meaningful in the above mentioned level even after two years ?   what happened to this stock in the last two years ?  The following chart gives answers for the above questions.  Two years monthly chart.