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NF (4836) -  All levels remain same :
Yesterday pull back happened upto the mentioned resistance level only
so Resistance remain same at 4830-4850
But above that can move up to 4940-4960
down side support 4755-4735 below that 4697-4687 and  4652-4632

Shriram Transport Finance Company

SRTRANSFIN (524) - see the 07th dec. post . the uptrend terminated at 583 and yesterday it came down to 518
now what next ?
timebeing bottom at 518 and  trade above 530 expect pull back or otherwise ?

Jubilant Foodworks


Bhushan Steel

BHUSANSTL (306) - Already mentioned on 06th Sep "below 348 down target 294-290" whereas yesterday only it attacked the near to the mentioned down target (made low 297)
Last hope between 294-284  expect pull back
But even trade below that also then down move continue to 252-242