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From the mouth of the India based multinational conglomerate

Kumar Mangalam Birla (The Author is chairman of Aditya Vikram Birla Group)

India's economic vision and forceful assertion are critical after US downgrade leading to global stock market crash
An unmistakable phenomenon of our times has been the sharp accentuation of uncertainty about the future course of the global economy. The events of the past two weeks say it all - the impasse of the US Congress on debt reduction, the consequent downgrading of the US by S&P, a global stock market crash, a 15% collapse in oil prices and sharp rise in gold prices Clearly, such pronounced volatility is highly disruptive, both for the global economy and for business.
This is a schizophrenic economic world. The developed economies are mired in high unemployment, slow growth and high fiscal deficits. Asia and other emerging economies are experiencing high growth and a relatively better fiscal situation. While one part of the world is trying to induce growth with loose money, another part is fighting…
NF (5128) -   All levels remain same :

Hurdle 5180-5210 But above that, go up to 5290_5340
In between intra-day support exists at 5070-5050
Support 5010_4960  But below that , come down 4730 & 4604

Lovable Lingerie

LOVABLE (451) -  Hurdle 460-480 but above that going to attack in upside 590 (simply Post IPO operation it happen in coming days like Aanjaneya)

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