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Mcleod Russel India

MCLEODRUSS (305) - Posted on 24th Feb target of 295-300 attacked yesterday and not only that surpassed and closed above that also.

Now what next ? 
Above 300-295 Up move continue to 317--324

Housing Development and Infrastructure

HDIL (57.60) - Reminder post was posted on 24th Dec.2013 , click here to see that post. 
As posted now first target of 58-60 attacked ( till yesterday it made high 58.85) 
so now resistance 58-60
But above that next upside target 70--74

GM Breweries

GMBREW (158.75 ) - Trade and Hold above 150-160
 Ultimate Upside Target 282-292  and above that  430-440
now in between resist at 190-192 & 206-210

Cummins India


Cairn India

CAIRN (333) - Last resistance 335-345
But above that upside target 364-374

Bharat Forge

BHARATFORG (421) - Posted on 26th Mar.only and now once again repeating the same. 

trade and stays  above 405-415 
target and resistance  450-460 & 480--500
But above that Ultimate Upside Target 900-920

BF Utilities

BFUTILITE (665) - Resistance 670-680
But trade and stays above that next upside target 900-910

Bank of Baroda



ACC (1399) - Posted on 06th March. "Resistance 1185-1205, But trade and stays above that up move continue and for this next upside target 1377-1397"
as posted on 06th March itself it broken and closed above 1185-1205 (closed at 1212 on 06th March), from there it moved up and yesterday it attacked the mentioned upside target of 1377-1397 (made high 1407).


Now what next ? 

If hold above 1397-1377 
then up move continue to 1540-1560

But below 1397-1377 can expect correction up to 1290-1270

Aban Offshore

ABAN (532) - Ready for big up move
Any correction supports exists at 515-509 and worst case 493-488
and now trade and stays above 571-577,   this round Ultimate Upside Target 640-650
with in between resist at  594-600

Already posted on 21st Feb itself, it seems, marching towards 900-950 in the medium term.