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NIIT Technologies


Oil & Natural Gas Corporation

ONGC (347) -  Posted on 03rd  March and reminded on 25th March. and as posted, at last, last Friday it attacked the mentioned upside target of 350-355 (made high exactly 350).

now if it trade above 350-355
  then face last hurdle at 365-375

but in case trade and stays above that , then ready for big up move 

Ultimate Upside Target  505-515

in between resist at 413-423 

Power Finance Corporation

PFC (201) - Posted on 07th March itself and  as on last Friday it made high 202.90
so mentioned target of 209-214 is due now.

Punjab National Bank

PNB (818)  - Posted on 25th March "Resistance 665-675, But in case trade and stays above that, next upside target 795-805"

As posted, broken the resistance of 665-675 on 26th March itself and already attacked the mentioned upside target of 795-805 in April third and last week itself and hovering this level for the past three weeks  But last Friday it traded and closed above the mentioned upside target. 
Now what next ? 
Support 805-795
Above that up move continue to 832-842  & 872-892


WIPRO (514) - Posted on 09th April "Support 554--544,But below  the support next down side target 508-502" as posted, broken the mentioned support on 22nd April and on 7th May it attacked the mentioned down side target of 508-502 (made low 500).
not only that in the last three trading session, hovering at the mentioned support level of 508-502 only.

now what next ? 

So support remain same at 508-502
Above that upside target 538-545  &  560-568

Yes Bank



NRBBEARING (69.35) - Support 67---61
Above that Upside Target 104-108 
and Ultimate 118-122


ICICIBANK (1378) - Posted on 10th March itself. and Last Friday only it attacked the mentioned upside target of  1340-1360 (it made high 1391 and closed above the the target also)

So now Support 1360-1340
above that, as posted already, 
Face Last Hurdle  1440-1480

But above that big break out going to pan out, if it happen, will post the mega upside target. 

Finolex Cables - POSITIONAL

FINCABLES (153) - Big rally already started....
So now, any correction even up to 140----120, Support Only.

This round, Ultimate Upside Target 250--260


AXISBANK (1629) - Posted on 06th May 'Face Last Hurdle 1600-1630" as posted , last Friday it came to the mentioned hurdle (made high 1650 but closed at 1629) 

Now  hurdle  1600---1650
But two consecutive POSITIVE CLOSE above that,  then ready for a big up move

Ultimate Upside Target  2335--2455

But immediate resist exist  at 1693-1713  and afterwards next, in between, resist at   2015-2055