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Tata Steel

TATASTEEL (336) - Posted on 10th March as " Last hope and support 333-328
But below that 
next down side target 

312-308 &  292-282"

After this post, it came down and made low 311.20 on 27th March ,from there, now it is moving up and as on yesterday it  made high 338.90.


Now what next ? 

Face resist at 341-346

But above that

Tech Mahindra

TECHM (672) - Posted on 23rd March as "Below 685-700 weak only
 below that , down side target 630--615

On the posted date, it made high 685 and on 30th March it attacked the mentioned down side target of 630-615 (made low 618.65), not only that, from there it is moving up and as on yesterday it made high 676


Now what next ? 

Once again going to resist at 685-700