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Tata Steel

TATASTEEL  (336) - Posted on 10th March as "  Last hope and support 333-328 But below that  next down side target  312-308 &  292-282" After this post, it came down and made low 311.20 on 27th March ,from there, now it is moving up and as on yesterday it  made high 338.90. *** Now what next ?  Face resist at 341-346 But above that  next upside target 374--384

Tech Mahindra

TECHM  (672) - Posted on 23rd March as " Below 685-700 weak only  below that , down side target 630--615 On the posted date, it made high 685 and on 30th March it attacked the mentioned down side target of 630-615 (made low 618.65), not only that, from there it is moving up and as on yesterday it made high 676 *** Now what next ?  Once again going to resist at 685-700