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NF (5273) -  All levels are remain same :   Support 5200-5170  But below that down side 5135-5115 & 5024-5004   Resistant 5285-5305   but above that 5339-5359    


ACC (1248) - See post dated 05th dec. It is only a  follow up post. Now above 1250-1230 next attack and resistant 1290-1315 But trade and stays above that  then  this round ultimate target in upside and Top out  1390-1430

Aban Offshore

ABAN (544) - The following was the post of 20th Jan.2012 "I f it trade and stays above 451-461 next short term up side target 578-598" As posted, It broke the 451-461 level on day before yesterday only (01 feb.) and yesterday it almost nearing the mentioned target of 578-598 (made high 551) that is with in two days it moved from 451 to 551