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BANKNIFTY (10971) - Posted on 12th June "Below 12150-12250 down side target 10980-10880" after this post it made high 11993 on 17th June and after so many in between zig zag (it is called nothing but noise) yesterday it attacked the mentioned down side target (low 10830) so more than 1100 points that to with in one month

 what next ? 
Now already mentioned down target is the  support 
that is 10880
but now trade and stays below 10880-10750 
down fall continue up to 10255-10100 so this is the down side target and support 

But in case if it not hold this level
then the ultimate down side target 8363-8200


ICICIBANK  (980) - Posted on 12th June "below 1110 down move continue and said the down side target 990-980"  after this post it made high  1106 on 17th June and yesterday it attacked the mentioned target of  980 (made low 968 and closed at 980). 

what next ? 
It seems another break down going to happen 
Now if not move beyond  990-1010
and as long as trade below 980 
Ultimate down side target  775---725
in between support exists at 910-890

Hindustan Unilever

HINDUNILVR (685) - what to say except to ask the people to see the Monday (15th July 2013) post 
so it is already from 599 to 699 that to with in three days...

 and that to in Hindustan unilever.


DLF (166)  - It already gave signal for big down move last month itself but made a pull back up to 190 and now once again  trade below the breaking point.
As long as trade and stays below 170 then ready for a big down move 
so now resistance 170 and  hereafter any pull back capped at 185-190
and trade below 160
 first down side target  132-122
But below that ultimate down side target 52-48

Axis Bank

AXISBANK (1193) - Today Q1 Result 
Yesterday closed below 1200 that is break down 
So here after resistance 1200-1220
As  long as stays below, then ready for a big down move 
First target  1090-1060
and afterwards ultimate down side target  855-835