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V2RETAIL - from 85 to 360, that too, in a year.

V2RETAIL (as of now at 340) - 
As for as this stock concerned, 
the first & formidable entry EDGE was 85--90
and  the meaningful target  360--380


When it was at 95 on 27th Aug.2016 sent an email and said as,   support 90--85 (after this email, almost 14 days hovering around 90--85 between 29th Aug. 2016 to 16th Sept. 2016) 
SAID TARGET 360--380

today  made high 361.90 and now at 340+ 
so from 85 to 362  that means 325 %, absolute return, that too, with in a year. 
Because of one-year holding, now it will be going to be eligible for Long Term 0% Capital Gain tax also. ****
The first email was sent on 27th August 2016
below is the content

and the follow-up email was sent on 10th October 2016 
below is the content


Can see in the below picture,  How it behaved in the last one year