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NF (4803) - All levels remain same : Hurdle 4800-4820 Below that down target 4730-4710 But trade and close below that big down move going to starts...
Above 4800-4820 next resist exists at 4890-4920 and 4990-5010

Pantaloon Retail (India)

PANTALOONR (188) -  This month terific movements shows somthing big going to happen.
either bottom out this month for the next big upmove and finish once for all.
now see  the levels and  levels only
Upside hurdle 200-210 but above that upside target 260-270
Down side support 150-140 But below that down target 100-90

Titan Industries

BATAINDIA (186) - As posted on 15th Nov. "below 210  yesterday it came down to the mentioned down target of 185 (made low 184)
as mentioned  in the same post it is the last hope and support or alllow even upto 180
but trade and stays below that next down target 147-140

Bank of India

BANKINDIA (329) -  Last three month trading in a particulare range. so the levels are :
Upside resistance 340-350
Down side support 300-290
Trade  above or below only next move so until then trade within this levels.