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Today mid-night twitter updates...

Maruti Suzuki India / mentioned target of 2570-2600 attacked today (made high 2605.40 and closed at 2584)
— MURUGAVEL (@murugavell) July 1, 2014

Century Textiles & Industries / today closed above 575-605 level so now marching towards the mentioned upside target
— MURUGAVEL (@murugavell) July 1, 2014

Hindalco Industries / today closed above 175 / so now all mentioned levels are remain same intact.
— MURUGAVEL (@murugavell) July 1, 2014

Indraprastha Gas / today it made high 388.65 and closed at 376.15 / so now mentioned upside target is due...
— MURUGAVEL (@murugavell) July 1, 2014

Syndicate Bank

SYNDIBANK (175) - See the post dated 16th June and as posted it took support at 150-148 on 16th June itself and as on yesterday it made high 176.40. 

Now as posted above 174-176 next resist at 184-188
but above that already mentioned 
is remain same and intact. 
with in between resist at 205-215

Tata Communications

TATACOMM (392) -  Posted on 31st March as "face last resistance 317-327, But above that this round Ultimate Upside Target 395-405" 
As posted it broken the resistance on 20th May (made high 341 closed at 333) and yesterday attacked the mentioned upside target of 395-405 (made high 395).
Now what next ? 
Resistance 395-405
But above that up move continue to 433---449

United Phosphorus

UPL (341) - Posted on 15th April as "Resistance 218-224, But above that Ultimate Upside Target  335-355"
and this post reminded on 28th April also. 

As posted it broken and closed above the mentioned resistance of 218-224 on 25th April (when it closed at 230 and yesterday mentioned upside target of 335-355 attacked ( made high 344.90) 
now what next ? 

in case trade Above 355 ,  upside target may extend up to 370-375

but above that next upside target 405-425


CESC (707) - Posted on 01st Jan 2014 as "SUPPORT  450-425 and above that ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 700-725
2. Gave reminder regarding this target on 03rd March. 
3. Once again gave reminder on 25th June 2014
Yesterday it made high 712  So mentioned upside target attacked.
Now what next ? 

HURDLE 700-725
But trade and stays above that ready for another big up move .

 Downside support exists at 630-605