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NF (5176) - This week, so far.. . "Mentioned levels : Resist 5155-5185 and support 5060-5030"
As posted  First it came down from 5185 to 5030
 and it took support at 5030  and from there yesterday once again it attacked 5178
now once again all levels are remain same :

Upside Resistance  remain same at5155-5185 in case trade above 5185 optimum  5222 Support remain same at5060-5030

Reliance Infrastructure

RELINFRA (535) -  As posted on 29th May and reminder on 07th June "Above 464 upside target 535-545" this target already attcked on 18th June itself (made high 535) and once again yesterday attacked (made high 538).
Target and Resistance remain same at 535-545
But in case trade and stays above that upmove cotinue to 578-583

Tata Motors

TATAMOTORS (248) - Now Resistance 252-255
But trade and stays above that up move continue to 272-276

Venky's (India)

VENKEYS (443) -  Face Hurdle 445-450
In case trade and stays above that upside target 480_495