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NF (4614) - All levels are remain same :

Below 4632-4612  next attack in down side 4502-4472 but stays below that,  this round ultimate  short term down target4155_4036
Above 4612-4632  upside resist level  at 4686-4716 & 4775-4800


RAYMOND (342) - Posted  on 09th dec "Topped out at 417 now the the down target 380 and afterwards 360"
as expected not only it came down to mentioned down target of 360 but yesterday it even  traded below that also (Made low 335)
now what next ?
Last hope and support exists at 325-315 expect pull back
But trade and close below that big down move going to happen

Bata India

BATAINDIA (504) - Below call was  posted on 16th nov. and gave reminder not one time but two times (ie 22nd nov and 13th Dec)
"Already double topped at 730-740 from there, fell down to 650 now  once again come down 620-610 but trade below that ultimate  down target 490-480 in  between support 560-550" yesterday it came down to 497 now what next ? It take support here, then expect pull back upto 550-560 but below 490-480 fall continue to 420-410

Axis Bank

AXISBANK (849) - See post dated 16th Nov. As posted below 980 mentioned down target 823 yesterday it almost reached the mentioned down target (made low 828)
now what next ?
If not take support (ie.830-820)  here as mentioned, then fall continue to 760-750
 and afterwards already mentioned ultimate down target of  696 intact.