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NF (5828) - As posted on 30th Sep. it traded and stayed below 5800 but did not come to the mentioned down side level whereas it made low 5754 and from there moved and closed above 5800-5820 level.

So now  5820-5800 become support 
above that upside target 5960-5990
but below the support already mentioned down side target of 5660-5640 remain same.

JSW Steel

JSWSTEEL (750) - Posted on 23rd Sep. "Going to top out 748-768 for this minimum down side target 717-708 and optimum 680-670" as posted it made high 762 on 25th Sep and from there corrected up to 707 on 30th Sep and now once again last Tuesday it come back to 756. 

now what next ? 
once again top out range remain same at 748-768
But trade and stays above that then it is ready for another up move  (as said in the same post  itself dated  23rd Sep.)
in case trade and stays above 748-768 only  ready for next up move that take it to 880-910

Yes Bank

YESBANK (295) - Support 280 and  trade above 298-302  upside target 325-330 
and above that 370-380

Amara Raja Batteries

AMARAJABAT (312) - After last Tuesday up move of 7% now what it is in ?
Down side support exists at 290-285
and now once again going to retest the previous high 
so now Target & Resistance 330-335
but trade and stays above that upside target  365-375
and after wards,  ultimate upside target 445-455