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NF (5918) - All levels remain same : 
Resistance 5975-6005
But above that next in upside 6083 & 6155
Support 5840-5810
But below that next in downside 5745-5715

Bajaj Auto

BAJAJAUTO (2081) - See the reminder post dated 11th dec., as posted, once it cleared 1975 on 11th sep itself and with in four session it moved up 2105 so mentioned upside target of 2201_2262 still due...
but now it seems ready for a small correction
now it not move beyond 2090-2110 expect correction up to 2020-2000
but move beyond 2110 already mentioned upside target of 2201-2262 intact.

Hindustan Unilever

HINDUNILVR (517) - Strong support exist at 515-510  &  500-495
But trade and stays below that ready for a big down move 
In that case short term down side target 468 and afterwards 437

IPCA Laboratories


Motherson Sumi Systems

MOTHERSUMI (201) - Already moved up substantially but still to go 
Now marching towards 255-265
Down side support exists at 180-170 

Prestige Estates Projects

PRESTIGE (169) - Support 165-155 
Above that upside target 200-210 & 230-240 
And in case if it hold above 230-240 ultimate upside target 305-315

Tata Communications

TATACOM (224) - Already Double bottomed  at 221 
so  now the support exists at 221-218 Above that once again upside target 237-240
But in case trade and stays below the support then the downside target 203-201

Tech Mahindra


Titan Industries


Union Bank of India

UNIONBANK (265) - Posted on 03rd Dec "Support 234-230 above that upside target 268-271" as posted on 03rd dec itself  it made low 235 and  last friday it attacked the mentioned target when it made high 268.
now what next ? 
Mentioned target and resistance of 268-271 remain same
Even beyond that also going to top out between 275-285
In case trade above and stays above that only ready for  next up big move 
otherwise expect correction from here.