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NF (5484) -    So many times repeated here the importance of 5200 level. when the support comes here, the upward moment is like that only (that is what happened on last friday) so no need to surprise the upmove
now what next ?
Support 5465-5445  but below that it going to correct upto  5410-5400  and afterwards 5360-5340
above 5465-5445 upmove continue to 5540-5560

Jet Airways (India)


Tata Power Company

TATAPOWER (1277) - Support 1270-1260 above that going to attack in upside 1324-1334

Shriram Transport Finance Company

SRTRANSFIN (599) - Posted on 21st June itself. still it is valid "Last hope and support 610-590" Close Below that only next fall starts.

State Bank of India

SBIN (2286) - As posted on 26th may and reminder on 17th June "below 2450 down target and support 2140-2110" As expected last week it attacked the support level not one day but three days (made a low 2120)  and from there last friday bounce back started and already it moved up 2298. now face resist at 2385-2405


RAYMOND  (357) - As posted on 20th June expected down target of 353-350 already attacked so now correction over Now 353-350 support and once again face hurdle at 387-397

Maruti Suzuki India

MARUTI (1120) - As posted on 22nd June (last hope and support 1125-1100)  it is bottomed out now trade and stays above 1125 upmove to 1160-1175 and afterwards 1225-1245