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NF (5453) - From 01st June onwards repeatly said Support 5445-5435 and 06th June onwards repeatly said , Resistance 5540-5560 On 13th june it came down to the mentioned support 5438 and on 14th june it resisted  5535 and from there, yesterday once again attacked the support low 5438. Now if break the support of 5445-5435 then going to attack in down side 5340-5330 Above 5445 & 5475  upside hurdle remain same 5540-5560 If any thing beyond, see the previous posts.

Pantaloon Retail (India)

PANTALOONR (297) - Posted on 03rd June "going to top out 298-302" whereas yesterday it went up to 312 and closed at 297   So as such it topped out . now the down target 285-280 & 265-260 But in case if any day close above 312 then going to attack in upside 365_385