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Shriram Transport Finance Company


Sobha Developers

SOBHA (559) - Posted on 26th May as "Last Hurdle 470--500
Above that Upside Target 720-750" 

As posted, it broken the hurdle on 06th June and yesterday it made high 583.80 so mentioned target is due now. 

Sintex Industries

SINTEX ( 102.85) - Support 96-86
and last resistance 105-110
But above that 
with in between resist at 144-152

Steel Authority of India

SAIL (110) - Posted on 16th May as "Hereafter support exists at 71-69 and last resistance at  75-77 But above that ready for a big up move  this round  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET  95-97  & 105-108"
As posted , on the posted date itself it broken and closed above 75-77 (made low 76.35), from there it moved up and on last Friday it attacked the mentioned upside target of 108 , not only that in the last two days it holding above 108.


Now what next ? 

hereafter support 108-105 and worst case 97-95

Above that next in upside 116--121

But above that ready for big up move 


with in between resist at   135--145

Prestige Estates Projects Limited




OMAXE (151)  - Face Hurdle 170--180
But trade and stays above that 240--250


NHPC (28.15)- Already tweeted on 25th May itself and now once again repeat as a  post.

Last hurdle 29.50--31.50
But above that upside target 42--44

Monnet Ispat and Energy

MONNETISPA (157) - Now face Resistance 165--175
But trade and stays above that 
next upside target 265--285

JK Tyre & Industries


Jain Irrigation Systems


Tata Steel

TATASTEEL (575) - Posted on 15th May as "Now Support 455--435 Above that up move continue ,  next upside target  535--555
After this post, on 16th May. it came down to 427.20 and 17th May also , made low 435. from there moved up, and mentioned upside target of 535-555, attacked and even closed above that also on 05th June itself 

Now what next ? 

Support 565-545

Above that up move continue to 622-642

and above that next upside 730-750

IRB Infrastructure Developers

IRB (219) - Posted on 21st May  when it was trading at 179 as "Target and resistance remain same at 178-182 But trade and stays above that next upside target 208-218"

As posted it broken the resistance on 21st May (when it closed 183.30 on that date) and from there , it moved and attacked the mentioned upside target of 218 exactly on 26th May and not only that, from there, crashed up to 177.60 (that is the mentioned support also) on the same day itself . From there it is moved up and yesterday broken and closed above the mentioned resist of 208-218.
What next ? 

Now Support 218-208

Above that upside target 286-296

with in between resist at 250-255