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NF (5047) -   All levels remain same : Support 4975-4945 Above that ultimate upside target 5228 In between resist at 5050-5070  and  5120-5140
Below 4975-4945, take it down to 4890 & 4800-4780

Jubilant Foodworks

JUBLFOOD (1003) - As posted on 02nd Aug and reminder on 18th Aug. It exactly took support at mentioned level of 886-870 (made low 876 on 19th aug) and from there it already reached the mentioned second upside target of 995 also so now remaining target is 1030-1050 only.

As mentioned on the above post,  it is going to Timebeing top out at 1030-1050,
If not, then upmove continue and the ultimate target is 1220
in between resist at 1160

Lovable Lingerie

LOVABLE (576) - Posted on 12th Aug. and once again reminder on 23rd Aug. "Above 480 upside target 590"
As such last friday it made a high 581 and
now it may going to top out between 590_610 level.

Punjab National Bank

PNB (910) - Hurdle 970-980 and trade below 900, ultimate target in down side 735_705 in between support at 810-800

Reliance Capital

RELCAPITAL (408) - Above 400 once again face hurdle at 424-429

Sesa Goa

SESAGOA (232) - once again hurdle at 235-240 But above that move up to 275-280

SKS Microfinance

SKSMICRO (208) - If not break 190 and trade above 208, upside can go upto 255-260 and afterwards 315_330

Shriram Transport Finance Company

SRTRANSFIN (675) - As posted on 24th Aug " it supported at 570 (made low 571 on 26th Aug.) and last friday it attacked the mentioned upside target of 690-700 (made high 695) what next  ?
Hurdle  690-700
 but trade above that, upmove continue to  730-740
and if not resist there, going to attack in upside 850-860

VIP Industries