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Promise. Delivered. and of course, this is second time

The below said promise was given to our 2014 MTL & DTL subscribers (Which, the subscription, was already closed on 31stDec. 2013 itself):

“Apart from the MTL & DTL subscription service, For the year 2014, we are going to give few positional calls and few F&O Option strategy exclusively for 2014 subscribers (this is because repeated request from our existing subscribers and mailers) and hope, one call itself, with investment of 5 digit figures, can fetch more than the fee paid by 2014 subscribers. So other things are extra for the whole year 2014.”

As promised, After Jan. 2014  Bharatforge Call, we sent one more mail on 02nd Feb.2014, our second positional call, to our subscribers and the following is the details:


Buy Around 365--345
Upside Target  405--425
(stop below 345 on closing basis)


After this mail, on 04th Feb. it made low 346 (Please note it,  exactly 346)  and after 12 days, today it attacked the mentioned upside…
NF (6159) -Posted on 14th Feb "Resistnace 6030-6060 but above that next upside target and resist 6145-6175"
As posted it broken 6030-6060 on 14th Feb Itself, from there it is moving up and up to yesterday it made high 6167 so mentioned upside target and resist attacked,
now what next ? 

As posted Now resist 6145-6175 remain same
But trade and stays above that next upside target 6260-6290
If not move beyond the mentioned resist,  then once again down side support 6060-6030

Multi Commodity Exchange of India

MCX (543) - Resistance 545-555
But trade and stays above that upside target 621-631

Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries

SUNPHARMA (623) - Posted on 24th Jan . and posted levels are remain same and intact. 

because yesterday once again made high 625 

Tata Communications

TATACOMM (272) - Posted on 07th Feb  "FACE RESISTANCE 302-307" as posted exactly it resisted, when it made high exactly at 305.85 on 12th Feb., from there it is falling down and as posted several times now it come down to the support level of 275-265.
so now support remain same at 275-265 level 
But trade and stays below, then ready for big down move .
first target 250  , second target 235-230 
and afterwards Ultimate down side target 210-205

Tube Investments of India

TUBEINVEST (192) - Support 191-188
Above that upside target 211-216