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NF (6285) - Posted on 03rd Jan "   Now Resistance 6290-6320, below that down side target and Support 6175-6145" as posted, it took support at 6175-6145 (made lowest low 6156 on last Friday) not one day but last whole week. and yesterday it moved up and attacked the mentioned resist of 6290-6320 (made high 6301) now what next ?  mentioned resistance of 6290-6320 remain same  But above that next target and resist at 6380-6410

Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries

SUNPHARMA (602) - Support 595-590 resistance 615-625 above that next resist at 650-660 above that next upside target 720---750

Supreme Industries

SUPREMEIND (448) - Detailed post was posted on 26th Dec. and posted support 410-405, as posted, it took support exactly at 410 on 03rd and 06th Jan., from there it is moving up and yesterday it made high 451. now what next ?  Resistance 455-465 But trade and stays above that next upside target  512-522 in between resist at  495-500