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NF (5941) - Last three days repeatedly took support at 5900-5910 and yesterday moved up to 5947
Now face resist at 5964-5984  but above that next in upside  6050-6080
and below 5910-5900 down side target 5865-5835

Jaiprakash Associates

JPASSIAT (72) -  Posted on 05th Feb "Down side target  69-68" as posted yesterday it came down to 69 and took support also.
and Now if it hold 69-68, then expect upside target 76-78
and support remain same at 69-68  but below that next in down side 63-61

Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries

SUNPHARMA (771) -  See the post dated 28th Jan As posted now nearing the mentioned upside target of 777 (Up to yesterday it made high 774)
  and remind now  as mentioned in the same post if it trade and stays above 777  then next  in upside 801 & 827 and even  857

One of the Best Continuous Performing Stock for the Past 10 Years. that performance still going on.......

Syndicate Bank

SYNDIBANK (130) - It seems time being down side correction over at 126 and now ready for decent up move 
Above 126 upside target 142-145

Adani Enterprises


Allahabad Bank

ALBK (149) -  Posted on 02nd Jan target  186-188 & 195-198 where as it went up to 191 on 18th Jan and from there fall started and up to yesterday it made low 144.65.
Now what next ? 
It seems down fall over and yesterday time being bottomed out at 144
and now support 144 and trade and stays above 151 
Upside target  170-172