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Growth rate of 8% for 30 yrs to give India best of world: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday (06th Aug.2016) said 8 per cent plus growth over the next 30 years will bring the best of the world to India, even as he lamented being questioned for every "wrong" right from the Panchayat level. Advocating accountability at every level to ensure good governance, he said everyone responsible should be answerable and held accountable. In a democracy, he said, people give the elected government a "five year contract" and if they do not like the performance in the next election the mandate is given to some other political party and hence there was a need for "Our country has always believed that good governance is bad politics. After winning one election, government keeps thinking how to win the next election. They are focused on how to increase political base and ways to get more votes and hence going forward it collapses," he said. Addressing his first townhall, Modi stressed upon the need for providing grie