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NF (5146) - There is no need to change the levels  so everything remain same.  Hurdle  5150-5180 & 5220-5240 But above that upside target 5364-5370 Trade below   5080-5050  come down to  4970-4940 > 4880-4860 > 4810-4790 {REMINDER : In down side already said themake or break Level 4710-4690 same way In upsidemake or break level 5220-5240}

Crompton Greaves

CROMPGREAV (144) - The following post posted on 02nd Sep

"CROMPGREAV (150) - Timebing bottom made at 133-130 Now, If trade and stays above 153, go up to 170-175 and afterwards 188-192"
As posted above 150 it went upto and repeatly attack for the last few days 170 and yesterday after Q2 result it crashed upto 141.55
now what next ?
Below 140 Bottom support remain same at 133-130
But trade and stays below that down target 101-99

Chambal Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited

CHAMBLFERT (87.30) - The following post posted on 08th April 2011

""CHAMBLFERT (88.85) -Going to top out between 90-93 but trade and  stays above this level,going to break the recent high of  104.80 and marching towards 116_120.""
As posted it hurdled at 90 in April month for that it corrected up to 70 in June 2011 and afterwards it broken the mentioned hurdle of 90-93 on Aug. month, for that break out,  last month it attacked the mentioned target of 116-120 (made high 118.45) and from there reversal started and day before yesterday after Q2 result it crashed to 84.75 and yesterday also made same low. But last two days made recent past highest volume.
Now what next ?
Support 85-84 
But trade and stays below this level, fall continue to 72-70 and 66-64
P.S. Reason and Moral of the above write up is "When you concentrate a stock, concentrate fully unless and until the levels are perfect as happened in this stock" That's all.

Cairn India

CAIRN (300) - Today Q2 result
Trade above 308 upmove target 326-330
But below 297 take it down to 280-276


ABB (713) -  Above 703 upside target 754-758 minor resist at 738