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GOLD - an update

GOLD ($1171) - Last update was on 02nd Oct. 2013 and posted as " Support $ 1270-1250  and below that next  $ 1218-1200   or even retest the previous low of $ 1180 in case trade and stays below that  then next ultimate down side target  $ 928-908" ** After more than one year,  yesterday, it broken the support of  $1180 so  now one more close below 1180 confirm the next down move  that is the  Ultimate Downside Target of $928-908" immediate support exists at 1111-1091

NIFTY - an update

NIFTY (8322) - Last update was on 26th Sept. and posted as " down side target of 7858-7808 remain same and intact  but below that next downside target 7738-7688" As posted it came down to the mentioned target of 7738-7688  (made lowest low 7723.85 on 17th Oct.)  not only that,  from 7723.85 it moved up and yesterday it made high 8330.75 so surpassed the mentioned top out level of 8100-8300 also ** what next ?  Now upside target 8620-8660 and in downside,  support exists at 8180-8140