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K.P.R. Mill

KPRMILL (249) - Support 240--200
Above that upside target 380--420

Multi Commodity Exchange of India

MCX (617) - Posted on 20th Feb and said the target 621-631 ,as posted it attacked the target on 17th and 18th June (made highest high 647.90).

 what next ? 

Now above 621-641 next upside target 770-790

Note: price pattern shows, it is marching towards four digit figure in the medium term


MINDTREE (905) - Posted on 22nd Jan 2013 for Positional  "Support 746-726 and Ultimate Upside Target 1796-1816"

On 03rd June 2014 it gave 1:1 bonus so now it is in ex bonus rate  so on ex-bonus basis , already mentioned target of 1796-1816 become  898-908.
At last Last Friday it attacked the mentioned upside target when it made high 920.
so it gave 140% return for the Positional Holding with in 18 months period.

Now what next ? 
support 908-898 and 864-844
above that up move continue to 1060--1090

Tata Elxsi

TATAELXSI (572) - Above 565-555 next in upside 600-610

and above that face Last hurdle  660-680
But above 660-680,  ready for another round of up move 

that take it to 860-880

Tata Consultancy Services


TCS (2292) - Posted on 09th April "mentioned down side target and support 2015-1985 and mentioned  upside target and resistance 2275-2300"

After this post it made low 2000 on 19th May (that is the mentioned support) and last Friday it made high 2299 (that is the mentioned target and resistance) 
So now what next ?
Target and resist of 2275-2300 remain same
But trade and stays above that  next upside target and resistance 2385--2435

In case trade and stays above 2385-2435  then ready for next big up move 

that take it to 2675-2775

Union Bank of India

UNIONBANK (220) - Below 226-231 weak only
so next down side target 210-205 and below that 187-177
(this was posted on 20th May itself, just reminder only) 


UNITECH (33.30) - Posted on 07th June as " Above 31.50-30.00 upside target 37.00-38.50, and Last hurdle  41-43

As posted , Exactly, it attacked the mentioned upside target on 09th June (made high 38.70) and 10th June made high 38.60 , from there fall started, and on 16th June exactly took support at the mentioned support level (made low 30.15) , and last Friday also once again took support at 30.75 and  closed at 33.30
So now once again all mentioned levels are remain same, that is 

Above 31.50-30.00 upside target 37.00-38.50
and Last hurdle  41-43
But above that, this round 
with in between resist at 47.80-49.80

But below 31.50-30.00
next down side target 25.50-24.50