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NF (4932) - So yesterday also mentioned down target of 4920-4900 reached (made low 4915)
Now below 4920-4900 down target 4820-4800 and
afterwards last hope 4730-4710.
But below that  next round of big down move starts....
Upside hurdle remain same at 4990-5010 and 5080-5100

Sesa Goa

SESAGOA (192) - Once again repeat the post dated 27th Sep.

Trade and stays below 190 down target 150-140

Reliance Capital

RELCAPITAL (316) -  Trade and close below 310 fall going to continue...

Down targets already posted  here on 29th Aug itself.

that is   280-270 and  245-235

and afterwards  ultimate 144-140

Gitanjali Gems

GITAJANLI (347) -  Trade and close below 340
down target 285-275

ARSS Infrastructure Projects

ARSSINFRA (259) - Already mentioned down target 228 (posted on 23rd aug)
hereafter upside hurdle 277-287
now the mentioned  target of 228 is nearing
 but below that fall continue to 160 also.

Alstom Projects India

APIL (451) - yesterday break downed.
So this is one more Encounter Stock
Here  after hurdle 487-507
this round Ultimate down target 314-294

Adani Enterprises

ADANIENT (351) - Several times repeatly posted here donwside target 324 (posted here when it was traded at 540-550 onwards and lastest post day before yesterday also)
now nearing the mentioned target of 324
But below 324 last hope 310-300
if not take support there also,  then fall continue to 194-184


ACC (1159) - Now Hurdle 1166-1176
 below that down target 1099