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TWITTER - after 4 years, now behavior changed.

Twitter Inc (TWTR) ($41.21) -  Few years before when I covered APPLE, GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, consciously omitted this stock, fortunately, It was one of the underperformers in the U.S.
But in Jan 2018, it attracted me when it was @ $25, that time MCap was $18 billion. When I saw the price behaviours change in this stock,

fixed the minimum target $ 36 and

Now it is at $41 and present MCap @ $30.18 billion.
Long way to go to reach the said $136, when it attain, it will be three digits billion $ stock.
The following are the last 6 months twits regarding Twitter

From the spot out level of $25 .so far, it moved up 65% within 5 months, in USA point of view, it is a big return but waiting for the mentioned ULTIMATE TARGET of $ 136, it will come in due course but before that so many in-between moves will happen, be the part of the trend — Murugavel (@murugavell) June 9, 2018


If stays above $36--38, next meaningful stop will be at $4…