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Most of times, Stock Market has only two era based on the two legends' Psychology/Temperament /Attitude of  LIVERMORE & GRAHAM        In the last dozen years in Indian Stock Market, GRAHAM era worked out only in two periods ,  that was between the last quarter of 2008 to first quarter of 2009  (Oct. 2008 to March 2009)  and third quarter of 2011 to first quarter of 2014  (July 2011 to March 2014) and almost all other periods were/are belongs to LIVERMORE era  GRAHAM period era belongs to real investors LIVERMORE period era belongs to traders/positional traders.  When will be the next GRAHAM era going to starts ?  WAIT, patiently wait,  at present, that is the only answer.   below NIFTY monthly chart explains, how the the two legends era working out...