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NF (5283) - All levels remain same :  Support 5280-5250 But trade and stays below that next attack in down side 5100-5070 Resistance 5360-5390  Above the resistance next attack in upside 5525-5545 & 5630-5660      

Financial Technologies (India)

FINANTECH (842) - Last post regarding this stock was on 25th July, in that post said, "now Support 700-690 and above that once again can go up." As posted not only it took support and after that never closed below 690 and from there in the last one month it moving up and already made high 862 and now once again coming that level.   Now What Next ?  Face Resistance 860-870 But trade and stays above that up move continue to 955-975    

Axis Bank

AXISBANK (978) - As posted on 28th Aug Below 1030 last hope 990 but yesterday it broken and closed below that also. Now What Next ?  Hereafter resistance 990-1000 and even above that also face resistance  1025-1040 Below that down side target 925-915 and afterwards 870-860