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Godrej Industries - Evening update...

GODERJIND (344) -  Below is the tweet embed dated  27th Aug. 2014. GODREJIND (332) - once again bottom formed at 325 so trade below 320 only weak otherwise from here, once again go up to 350-355 — MURUGAVEL (@murugavell) August 27, 2014 After this tweet , on 28th Aug ,  it came down and made low 321.10  (so, not break the mentioned support of 320)  and  as of today it made high 346.10. so as tweeted,  now the target and resist exists at 350-355 But in case trade and stays above that  next upside target 372-382

Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries

S UNPHARMA  (863) - Hereafter support 840-820 As long as hold above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET  995-1025 with in between resist at 920-932