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NF (5931) - All levels remain same 
Resistance 5965-5995 
(Day before yesterday high 5990 and yesterday high 5975  and from there already fell down to 5914)
But above that next in upside  6090-6120
Support 5870-5830
Below the support next in down side 5750-5730


MMTC (318) - After a great fall from 650, yesterday find the bottom @ 280 and reversal happened  (News : Govt will not offload its holding in  this fiscal (month))
Support 315-305
Above that upside target 355-375
and if it hold above then 485-505

(Note. : GOI hold 99.33 %  and remain floating stock 0.67 % only
 that is  66.88 lac shares whereas yesterday traded volume 70.70 lac shares)

now the question is who is manipulating this stock  and who's behalf ? 

Tech Mahindra

TECHM (1097) - Posted on 24th Jan "Support 965-955" as posted it took support at 965-955 level not only in Jan but Feb also it repeatedly took support and from there it moved up and made high 1123 on 08th mar.
now what next ? 
It seems time being high formed and now expect decent correction 
So hereafter Resistance 1107-1127
below that down side target 1035-1015

Titan Industries

TITAN (242) - Posted on 04th Mar. "once again going to top out at 282" where as it made high 277 and from there fall started and up to yesterday it made low 241
now what next ? 
Down side support 240-236
But below that fall continue to 221-216

Vadilal Industries

VADILALIND (190) - Resistance 200-205 
But trade n stays above upside target 248-253