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Congratulations to our PRIME MINISTER and his team for their new endeavor to lead our country with clear mandate. 

                     What next ?  

Hope & Expect  - for a better future to our country  and our Stock Market also.

Kind Attention to this Website Viewers and Traders.....

Now the mega rally is going on and we are in first leg.  (it started in Sept. 2013 itself and  it is almost 9 months old) 
This rally seems to be continue another 3 to 5 years.  (with then and there, give small and/or even BIG corrections).
So it will be 2013-18 Bull Rally

On that basis,here, Several stocks are posted with very big targets , Please don't think, it may be going to attack in a month time or even a year time but it may be going to attack in this Bull run.

So, Give respect all given levels. Wherever the upside target given, Each Upside Target is not only target but resistance also,  trade and close above that level only, it become support and ready for next upside target   and vice verse for support.

So please

Understand , Act (React) and Earn. 

Sobha Developers

SOBHA (445) - Last Hurdle 470--500
Above that Upside Target 720-750

State Bank of India

SBIN (2753)  - Posted on 20th May only as  "Top out 2550-2610
But trade and stays above that 
with in between resist at  2960-3020"

As on last Friday it made high 2777 
so now all mentioned levels are remain same and intact 
It is just reminder only 

Reliance Industries

RELIANCE (1127) - Posted on 23rd April as "Support  965-955  & 935-925
Above that, this round Ultimate Upside Target  1140-1150"


After this post , it  took support ,exactly, at the mentioned level of 935-925  (made lowest low 925 on 05th May) and from their, upward movement started and already attacked the mentioned upside target of 1140-1150 ,exactly, on 16th May itself (made high 1145.25) , from there corrected up to 1073.75 on 23rd May and as on last Friday it is once again near the mentioned upside (made high 1132).


Now what next ? 

Upside target 1140-1150 remain same
But trade and stays above that then ready for very big up move

First target 1250-1280

 afterwards 1640-1680  & 1850-1880


Reliance Capital

RELCAPITAL (557) - Posted on 16th May as "Support 410--390
Above that Upside Target  500--520
and afterwards 595--615 &

As posted, as on last Friday , made high 562.90 
so all mentioned targets are remain same and intact.

Punjab National Bank

PNB (1037) - Hereafter any correction,  down side support exists at 920--880

Now marching towards 1400-1440
with in between resist at 1160-1190


But Above 1400-1440 , ready for mega up move
that take it to 2400-2500

Oriental Bank of Commerce

ORIENTBANK (355) - Posted on 03rd April as "Resistance 236-246 But trade and stays above that  Upside target 316-326   &  352--372"

As posted, it broken the mentioned resist of 236-246 on 25th April,(that day closed at 249.25), from there, it moved up non-stop and last Friday it attacked the mentioned upside target of 352-372 (made high 361.80) 
that is almost 50% up move from the mentioned level, that to, less than one month time frame

Now what next ? 

Target and Resistance 352-372 remain same 

But in case trade and stays above that  then ready for next round of up move and for this,


WITH IN BETWEEN RESIST AT 482-492 , 545-565 & 605--625

So the levels are 

Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India

MHRIL (288) - Above 285--265 
Upside target 330-350

Maruti Suzuki India

MARUTI(2385) - Posted on 20th Dec.2013 as "LastHurdle 1790-1820 But two consecutive close above this,  Ultimate upside target 2570-2600 in between resistance 2335-2365"

Till last Friday it made high 2403
 so now mentioned upside target of 2570-2600 is due...