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Jubilant Foodworks

JUBLFOOD  (1937) - Posted on 14th Nov. 2014 as " Hurdle 1390--1450 But trade and stays above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 1840-1880" Posted target attacked on June 2015 itself and now trading above the mentioned target  Now what next ? Above 1880-1840 next upside target 2210-2230

Housing Development Finance Corporation

HDFC (1337) - Above 1315-1290 Upside target  1400-1430 but afterwards ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET   1650-1670

Havells India

HAVELLS  (299) -  Support 295-290 above that upside target 315-320 and above that   345-350  & 375-380 afterwards  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 450--460

Dabur India

DABUR  (288) -   Regarding this stock also , last post was posted on 13th Nov.2014 as  " Resistance 235-238 But trade and stays above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 273-276 in between resist at 252--255" After this post, it broken the resistance of 235-238 on 25th Nov. 2014 (when it was closed at 242.90 on that date) and attacked the mentioned target of 273-276 on 11th Feb 2015 (on that date it made high 276.90)  and afterwards it is consolidating in the last four months. Now what next ?  Support 286--276 above that  next upside target  325--330 with in between resist at 305-310

Cummins India

CUMMINS  (967) - Regarding this stock, last post was posted on 10th Nov. 2014 , after 8 months now updating next movement level. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LAST POST AND ITS PERFORMANCE.  Now Support 965--945 above that  Upside target 1090--1140