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Bharat Forge

BAHRATFORG  (767) - Posted on 21st May , when it was trading at 472 as " any correction,  downside support 460-450 and worst case 440 But above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 900-920" ** After this post , it made low 457 on 26th May  and as on yesterday it made high 767  so mentioned target of 900-920  remain same and intact  Then and there small  or medium corrections may happen ,  it is nothing but part of the trend.  but mentioned target is intact. ** * Note : Posting, this stock, from its first break out at 248 on 30th August 2013  on wards and every time revising the upward target , almost 10 times posted here, regarding this stock in the last one year. So from 248 to 767 in the last one year but still to go....