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GRASIM  (3850) - Above 3790-3740  face last hurdle  4000--4100 But above that ready for big up move   ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 7200-7300 with in between resist at 4600-4700

Eicher Motors

EICHERMOT  (16089) - Posted on 15th Dec. as " trade below 13950-13900 down side target  12550-12500"  after this post it made low 13701 on 17th Dec.but down side target not met , whereas, from there up move started and as on yesterday it made high 16133. Now what next ?  Above 15800-15500 next upside target 17700-18000


CIPLA   (707) - Posted on 27th Oct. ,said the upside target 706-726 as on yesterday it made high 710 now what is in  UPSIDE TARGET 750-760 DOWN SIDE SUPPORT 675-665

Bharat Petroleum Corporation

BPCL   (692) - Posted on 17th Dec as " now down side support remain same at 625-610,  and now upside resist at 695-710" As on yesterday it made high 695, that is , posted target attacked  and now trade above 695-710  up move continue to 738-748