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Fiscal Cliff: What to expect and how the market may react

Remember, often the stock market's reaction to a positive outcome is negative. The share marketfell after TARP in 2008, the Spanish bailout, the last US mid-term elections and after the presidential election

The world seems to be a much safer place. Several stock markets are just slightly off their 52-week highs. Many of the world’s problems appear to be solved, but they may just have passed out of sight. Europe is still in a severe recession. China’s slowdown apparently bottomed, but the renewed growth is due to factors which will make its bad debts, real estate bubble and shaky banking system worse. Still these little issues are being ignored. The one major concern is the coming calamity in the US, known as the “fiscal cliff”.

The fiscal cliff is an imaginary deadline, but one with real consequences. It is the result of an earlier stalemate and continues for the same reason. Ten years ago during the Clinton administration the debt of United States stood at about $6 tri…
NF (5945) - Last Friday movement shows it seems ready for a correction
so If it not move beyond 5975-5995
then expect minimum down side target 5840-5810
But in case move beyond 5975-5995,

 then next in upside 6083 & 6155

Indian Bank

INDIANB (193) - Last hurdle 199-204
But trade and stays above that upside target 234-244

Jubilant Organosys

JUBLIANT (238) - Last hurdle 245-255
But trade and stays above that upside target 290-310

Lovable Lingerie

LOVABLE (392) - Face Resistance 405-415
But trade and stays above that upside target 475-485
in between resist at 455

Piramal Enterprises

PEL (formally PIRHEALTH)  (525) - Last hurdle 535-545
But trade and stays above that upside target 635-645

Reliance Capital

RELCAPITAL (446) - Posted on 03rd Dec. "Upside target 456-464" as posted last Friday it attacked the mentioned up side target (made high 459.6). 
now what next ?
Resistance remain same at 456-464
below that already mentioned down side support of 412-408 also remain same.

Tata Consultancy Services

TCS (1264) - support 1260-1255
 but below that  next in downside 1215-1210 & 1187-1174