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NF (5135) - Levels remain same :
Resistance 5150-5170 (yesterday resisted and made high 5153) Below that Support in downside 5090-5070

Union Bank of India

UNIONBANK (187) - Below 187-185 down side target 160-155
in between support exists at 176-173

Hindustan Unilever

HINDUNILVR (476) -Last post of this stock was on 31st Jan. the post was "LAST HOPE AND SUPPORT 380-370" as posted it supported at 374 and from there slowly it moved up and yesterday made high 477"

what next ?
Now Going to Top out at 485-495
Three consecutive close above this level only can expect next up move otherewise expect correction from here.

Financial Technologies (India)

FINANTECH (703) - See post dated 25th June "as per the post, above 680 upside target 790" whereas it not only attacked the mentioned target but even went up to 824 on 11th july and from there corrected up to 695.
 what next ?
It seems correction over so now Support 700-690 and above that once again can go up
 But below the support, then  take it down to 660