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NF (5827) - Don't know how many times going to write the same levels. Because no change in the trading set up therefore no change in the levels.
Now resist 5885 and afterwards 5945-5955
Support 5840-5820
but below that 5740-5720 but today minor support exists at 5780.

Infosys Technologies

INFOSYSTCH (2990) -  As posted on last friday, below 3336 down only. now no need to write the vertical fall happended on friday. from 3299 to 2978.  now going to take support at two levels one at 2905 and afterwards last hope and support 2802 but below that one more vertical fall upto 2380-2310 possible.

Polyplex Corporation

POLYPLEX (256) - Trade and stays Above 263 upmove to 303 in between resist at 280-282

Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries

SUNPHARMA (440) - As posted on 01st April, support level remain same at 440-436 But now it it trade and stays below this level, take it down to 413