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NF (6071.55) - Posted on 07th Nov itself "Resistance 6330-6360 below that down side target 6220-6190, 6150-6130 and Ultimate 5990-5960" as posted, on the posted date itself it went up to 6338.65 and from there fall started and up to yesterday it made low 6063.60.
so as per the post , it already gave 275 points (that is 6338.65-6063.60 = 275)

now as posted  down side target  and SUPPORT 5990-5960
But, But in case if it trade and stays below that then fall continue 
next ultimate down side target 5780-5750
If take support at 5990-5960 then the upside target 6150-6130 & 6190-6220

Sun TV Network


Shriram Transport Finance Company


Reliance Infrastructure

RELINFRA (420) - Posted on 05th Nov. support 440-425 above that upside target 565-585" where as yesterday it broken the mentioned support. 
now what next ? 
below 425 last hope exists at 409-404
But below that down side target 364-354

Oil & Natural Gas Corporation


Hindustan Zinc

HINDZINC (127.60) -  Posted on 01st Nov. "Support 133-127 above that upside target 154-159 & 210-220" after this post it is hovering around 130+ and yesterday it came down to 127.15.

now what is in? 
as posted support remain same at 133-127  but in case trade and stays below that then it become resistance 
for this down side target 115-112


DLF (144) - Support 144-140
but below that down side target 122-117
And below that see 17th Sep. post.

Dabur India

DABUR (163) - Posted on 23rd Oct. about its resist at 178-182 whereas it made high 184 on 28th Oct. from there falling down and yesterday it made low 160.
yesterday it seems correction over at 160
so now support 160-156
 it it hold, once again up move only and  face resist at 178-182


BIOCON (377) - Posted on 09th Nov 2012 , "hurdle 300-310 and for this upside target 370-375 and 390-395" this posted hurdle broken on July 2013 and yesterday attacked the mentioned target, when it made high 387. 
Posted on last Nov. and now completed the target on this Nov  (but break out happened only this year July only)
and now next break out, trade and stays above 390-395
if it happen, then, will post the next upper target. 

Bharti Airtel