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NF (5382) - All levels remain same :  Support 5390-5360 Above that short term upside target 5630-5660 in between resist at  5525-5545 But below the support downside target 5285-5255

Bajaj Corp

BAJAJCORP (170) - See post dated 16th July "as posted already it moved from 136 to 170 (yesterday made high 174) now as posted if stays above that mentioned short term upside target of 250-255 intact.  IT  IS ONLY A REMINDER POST 

Hero MotoCorp

HEROMOTOCO (1930) - Posted on 13th aug " Resistance 1922-1942,  Below that down side target 1868-1848" as Posted on 13th aug it made high and resisted at 1927 and on 14th aug. exactly it came down to the mentioned down target (made low 1870) and from their, yesterday  once again moved up and made high 1939 now what next ?  Now once trade and stays above 1922-1942  up side target 2025-2045